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Family games: games to pass the quarantine at home

Family games: games to pass the quarantine at home

Do not miss these family games to have fun at home: 12 games for all tastes and ages with which to have a great time. Take note!

Are you desperate to have some fun? We come to the rescue with a lot of games to play as a family and make this wait at home as fun as possible. It’s time to declare war on this lockdown and have a good time!

From multiplayer video games for all ages, to family games with which you only need paper and pencil. Have the youngest and oldest in the house under control, and… why not?, having a good time together. When you realize, the hours will have passed. Know more about Xbox hdmi replacement in New York City.

family games list

1. Console video games

  • overcooked
  • Let’s sing and Sing Star
  • Mario Kart

2. Games with paper and pencil

  • Guess who I am
  • hold up the pencil
  • Timbiriche

3. Card games

  • Liar
  • President
  • couples game

4. Mobile games

  • SpaceTeam
  • Painter 2
  • Quiz Up

console video games

If you have a computer or video console at home like the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 3 or 4, the Xbox One or the 360, the Nintendo Wii or the Wii U, you’re in luck! Well, for all these consoles we are going to recommend different sagas and types of games to play as a family. Don’t you have any of these? It’s okay, at Cash Converters we have all these consoles and video games with great discounts and we’ll send them to your home. Are you looking for a service centre for your PlayStation hdmi replacement in United States?

Overcooked 1 and 2

Are you quite a cook? Prove it in this family game for all ages, where up to four players will have to cook whatever they’re asked to. Cut, boil and serve at full speed, the orders will not stop arriving and you will have to serve all the possible dishes to fill your guests and thus overcome each level. A totally addictive cooperative game , suitable only for the most agile minds and fingers.

  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Computer
  • Players: 1-4
  • PEGI: 3 (although we recommend 12 due to the difficulty of the game)

Let’s sing and SingStar

Bring out the singer in you and give it your all to become a star. Whether with the Singstar saga or with the new Let’s Sing, you can duel from two players to special modes for 8 in which to sing and show who can tune the note better. Choose the type of music that you like the most, both video game sagas are famous for having songs from rock, pop, Spanish, hip-hop and even Disney . Sing along with these addictive games for families and put on a concert in your living room.

  • Platforms: Playstation 2-3-4, Nintendo Switch and Wii
  • Players: 1-8
  • PEGI: 12

Mario Kart

Are you the fastest behind the wheel? Enjoy frantic car races where bananas, stars, bombs and shells are allowed. One of the most famous family games in video game history, bringing together many of Nintendo’s characters on a closed racing circuit. The only objective is to reach the finish line first. But not everything is running, in addition to the mythical races, the video game has more ways to surprise us and get hooked for hours and hours as a family in front of the screen.

  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Wii, Wii U, DS
  • Players: 1-8
  • PEGI: 3

games with paper and pencil

Who said you need consoles or board games to have fun with the family? With just paper and pencil we assure you hours and hours of fun. You do not believe it? No matter how old you are, we are sure that the three original games that we bring you will get you out of trouble, they will liven up any party and, for sure, they will help you to have a good time with your family.

Guess who I am

This game consists of guessing the character that they have chosen for you, simply by asking questions that are answered with: Yes or No. Simple right? You will only have to write an animated, real or animal character that comes to mind on a piece of paper and give it to the person next to you. Can’t look at the paper! You will have to place it on your forehead and start asking questions (one per turn). Is it a woman? Does it have hair? Is it a cartoon? The first to hit their character wins. One of the funniest family board games where you don’t even need a table!

Stop the pencil or Tutti Frutti

One of the oldest family games in the universe, but no less fun for that, in which you only need paper and pencil. The game consists of writing the maximum number of words related to a topic that begin with the same letter. How do you do this? Each one writes on a piece of paper 1 general category of what they want (countries, animals, professions, songs, objects) and then a random letter of the alphabet is chosen. When the time starts, the first to write all the words in each of the categories shouts,  stop the pencil! Everyone stops writing and the points are counted.

  • 10 points >> For each word that is not repeated among the rest of the players.
  • 5 points >> For each word that is repeated by another player, regardless of the number of times it is repeated.
  • 0 points >> Not writing any words or having the word incomplete or wrong.


Connecting dots with lines can be highly addictive and competitive. Timbiriche (as strange as the name may sound) is a fast and fun family game for four players, ideal for deciding who does the chores around the house. To play, all you have to do is draw a square made up of dotted lines (as if it were a grid), in which each player will have to join one point to another contiguous one with a line. The objective is to close squares to earn points and every time a player closes a square, he can redraw a new line. Simple as well as fun.

 Card games

Surely in some drawer or piece of furniture at home you still keep an old deck of cards, Spanish or French, we don’t care, since the following card games to play as a family are super-simple as well as entertaining. All gather around a table, put on your best poker face and be lucky to be dealt good cards.


In this game, the objective is to run out of cards by lying to the rest of the players. Will you be able to drop a good trola without being noticed? There is no player limit , although with more than 4 people it starts to get difficult, so if you are more we recommend playing with two decks. As the game has a few rules, although they are really simple, we better leave you with a video that explains it to you in just three minutes.


Are you prepared to win and be the president or lose and be the ass? An ideal family card game for four players where the objective is to maintain the highest position possible by being the first to run out of cards. There are four positions ( president, vice-president, vice-ass and ass ) and once all the cards are dealt, the asses will have to give their best cards to the presidents and they will give the asses their worst cards in turn. Once the game begins, the objective is to run out of cardsbased on drawing a larger card than the one our immediate rival has placed. The first to be left without any card will be the president, the next will be the vice president, the penultimate the vice ass, and the one who is in last place will be the ass.

Do you like this game? Here we leave you the president’s rules so you can have fun with your family.

 couples game

There are few games to play as a family that are simpler than this one, but without a doubt, it is the game of couples that is ideal for entertaining both children, the elderly, young people and adults for a long time, and even more so if there is something at stake! The rules are very simple, you will lower the deck of cards well and place all of them face down forming a large square. Once ready, each player will pick up cards two by two per turn, if he hits a pair of cards of the same number , he will be able to pick up another two. Do you want to add difficulty to the game? Do it against the clock, shuffle two decks or put the TV remote into play for an afternoon of excitement.

 mobile games

The mobile phone was not going to be just to watch Netflix or YouTube, there are also many very entertaining games for families to get from zero to one hundred in the living room itself. Totally free multiplayer mobile video games with which to have a great time even from a distance, in case we are not all lucky enough to be in the same house.


Quantum shutter off! Put the throttle turbo rotor on three! Asteroids! Are you ready to pilot a spaceship together ? This hilarious and frenetic video game for mobile will make you recharge your batteries. For up to 10 players , the objective of the game is to carry out the tasks that the rest of your teammates will ask of you and that you will find on the spaceship’s dashboard. Will you be able to pass each level?

Painter 2

How are you drawing and guessing? Pinturillo is a family game suitable for the youngest and the oldest in the house. Once you create a private room and you are all together, the game will give you a word to draw in a short time , while the rest of the players will have to write it until they guess it. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well, it’s absolutely fun, especially being surprised at how wonderfully well or horribly badly your family and friends draw.
Do you want to demonstrate your artistic skills?

 Quiz Up

Are you the smartest individual in your family? Prove it with QuizUp, a free mobile video game where you challenge your family and friends to a knowledge test on any subject. Believe me when we tell you that there are many, many, many categories of questions. If you are the  fastest to answer, get more questions right than your opponent, you win the round. Challenge each other, make a competition by theme and show who is the greatest expert in each subject. Do you accept the challenge?

We hope that you like some of the family games that we have taught you and that you have a fun time . If we have forgotten any or you want to recommend your favorites for quarantine, say so in the comment box.

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