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The best machine to exercise at home is this | Are you determined

The best machine to exercise at home is this | Are you determined

Are you determined to set up a home gym and don’t know where to start? We show you all the types and models so that you can choose the best machine to exercise at home based on your space and your goals.

More and more people are encouraged to install their own gym at home and that is because the savings in time, transportation, registration fees and monthly payments are noticeable. Because although deciding to buy exercise machines at home may seem like a huge expense, we assure you that it is a worthwhile investment. Especially if you are looking for second-hand exercise machines since you can save more than half of its original price. Know more about ask games.

Think that when setting up your own training area at home, you are only going to buy the exercise machines that you want to use. If you are one of those who pay €40-50 a month in a gym to only use the exercise bike and a couple of weights, it is better for you to buy the items you need because you will make them profitable in a few months. Also, a home exercise machine doesn’t take up as much space as you might think, as there are foldable versions of all kinds of cardio machines, weights, and even weight benches. You might be interested in party quiz games.

Next we are going to show you all the models and we will explain how they work and what they are for. Thus, you will be able to choose the best machine to exercise at home and not get discouraged for not having bought what you were really looking for.


Many people may find the idea of ​​buying a treadmill at home strange. Why not go running outside? It’s free, but is it always the best? We assure you that not… Excessive heat, cold, rain, wind, lack of space or even the terrain can make the simple act of running outside a disaster. For this reason, there are treadmills, one of the best machines to exercise at home and that are also quite affordable, especially if you decide to buy a second-hand treadmill. Learn more about hogwarts house quiz buzzfeed.

In addition, these machines are not only limited to making you run, it depends on how technologically advanced there are that measure your pulse and calories burned, there are with different degrees of incline, more or less speeds, training programs and even with screens capable of connecting to the internet to watch television or any series.

Whether it’s to start running little by little, to walk fast and in general to do cardio or start to regain mobility, treadmills are one of the best machines to exercise at home for their price and versatility.

Air Runner treadmills

If extreme cardio is what you are into and what you want is to run as if you were flying at maximum speed, what you are looking for are the Air Runner treadmills. These types of exercise machines are relatively new and they hardly have anything electronic. Surprised? What’s so special about them then?

These treadmills use your own weight and momentum to accelerate the treadmill past your feet, so the more you lean forward, the faster you run and vice versa. The ideal machine for those sports enthusiasts who want to mix sprinting with a smooth run and run with the same naturalness at home as outside, but with a great plus of comfort and quality in the stride.

exercise bikes

What are we going to tell you that you don’t know about exercise bikes? It is probably the quintessential home exercise machine for its price (there are for less than €200) and for the little space it takes up (there are even folding models). The best thing about stationary bikes is that not only are there many types (spinning, traditional, recumbent or floor bikes) but the range of prices and technologies they offer is the same or even wider.

One of the best benefits of this type of exercise machine at home is that it does not affect the knees and other joints as much as it would when going for a run outside. Being ideal for people who are very overweight, with leg problems or who are not used to doing medium or high intensity physical exercise for prolonged sessions.

In addition, this type of exercise machines at home are not far behind in terms of comforts and, apart from the numerous models with a large number of gears, training programs and measurement of constants, there are also them with fans and screens television included. If you want to buy one of these without spending too much money on the road, our recommendation is that you look for a second-hand exercise bike, which has normally been used very little and is like new.

spinning bikes

Spinning bikes are one of the star machines in all gyms as they are designed for the high demands of cardio in a spinning class. Depending on what you are looking for and your budget, you will find them cheaper (with just a dial to raise and lower the resistance) than others that come with apps and guided classes for day to day.

If you have already tried this type of machine before, but due to time problems you have no way to resume spinning classes , you should rethink getting one of these and more considering how cheap they can be if you are looking for a second-hand spinning bike hand.

Air Bikes

If the Air Runner treadmills caught your attention, the Air Bike pick up the same concept and become the ultimate crossfit bike. With them we assure you that you will not run for more than a few minutes at a time due to the level of demand of the machine, it is only suitable for those people who are very used to doing high-intensity exercise. Of course, these types of athletes will love the physical challenge to which this simple, but terrifying machine to exercise at home will take them.

rowing machines

Not everything was going to be legs to exercise with the aim of burning body fat, we can also use the muscles of the arms and back. To use a rowing machine we do not need to go to a river, a lake or the beach, it will be enough for us with the space of a table in our room, basement, patio or living room. But don’t worry, most rowing machines fold up so they can be stored in a closet.

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