The most common types of women’s necklaces

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The most common types of women’s necklaces

The most common types of women’s necklaces

Necklaces, pendants, bibs, chokers, princess, charm, opera, matinee, locket, negligee, lariat, multi-chain, and rope are some of the many types of women’s necklaces. Do you want to learn to identify each one and discover on what occasions to wear them ? Keep reading.

Necklaces are one of the most distinguished accessories of any outfit. Subtle or capable of attracting all the attention, they are as valid a complement as your best pair of heels. That is why we have dedicated an entire article to the different types of necklaces that exist and how to combine them. And it is that you would be surprised to know what a good necklace can do for your style. Know more about smoke gun.

And where can I find all these types of necklaces? (especially the most special and extravagant ones) Both in the classic jewelry stores and in stores focused on sustainable jewellery consumption , as is the case of Cash Converters, with a wide catalog of sustainable second-hand necklaces, of all styles and materials.

Opera Necklace

The opera necklace is vintage and elegant in equal parts , ideal for when your outfit is incomplete and you need a distinctive and classy touch. This type of necklaces for women can be dressed as is along or doubled in two to shorten it and give it volume (as if it were a two-strand choker) You might be interested in a headphone holder.

  • Length: 30-36 inches
  • Style: Pearls and Beads
  • Neck: Turtle neck, round neckline and high neck
  • When to wear it: Cocktails and night parties

multi-strand necklace

What is better than a necklace? Several necklaces or at least one with several strings. One of the good things about this type of necklaces for women is the variety of colors and details that they can add to your look. In addition, you can combine them with almost anything, whether with a suit to go to a business lunch or even for more informal situations on the beach or at a party.

  • Length: 12″ – 16″.
  • Style: beads, pearls
  • Neck: Strapless, Round Neck and Off Shoulder
  • When to wear it: beach parties and brunches

Braided thread necklace

Thread necklaces are one of the most elegant and modern types of necklaces for women that we can wear. They are characterized by being made up of a large number of intertwined threads (hence their name) that, in addition to providing color, can be combined with other types of silver or even beaded necklaces. It should be noted that these necklaces are usually large and thick, but do not be scared and dress them with style. The way they can style you will certainly surprise you.

  • Length: 14″-20″
  • Style: big beads, oxidized silver
  • Collar: T-shirt collar, round neck, boat neck
  • When to wear it: festival, casual

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